Audits and Inspections

audit checklist Third-party sanitation audits are among the best methods of assessing a food processing facility's sanitation program.

By enlisting the help of one of our food safety auditors, businesses gain the insight of an objective outsider – someone knowledgeable with regulatory requirements, as well as the operational needs of your industry.

Our goal is to determine the effectiveness of an existing sanitation program and report our findings clearly. We don’t mince words when we uncover problems – we help our clients plan effective remediation.

A third party sanitation audit can help your staff identify unseen risks and vulnerabilities in advance of an official inspection by the FDA, USDA, local health department, or current and prospective customer. Alternatively, for facilities that have already been sanctioned by a regulatory agency, our food safety audits have been a critical first step in formulating a plan of action.

We offer many types of inspections including:

  • Full GMP Audits
  • SSOP Audits
  • Documentation Auditing

Learn more about our third-party Food Safety Audits.

  Knowledgeable, Experienced Auditors

Having a third party audit your production facility can uncover any number of issues. This is another reason why having our team on your side is so beneficial.

FSS third party sanitation auditors have the answers for any food safety concern. By using our broad sanitation expertise, our consultants will put effective solutions into action and develop lasting results for your plant.

  Food Safety Audits for Certification

Food safety audits performed by FSS can also assist those who seek accreditation by industry trade groups or HACCP-based certification schemes, such as:

  • Safe Quality Food (SQF) Program
  • British Retail Consortium (BRC) Global Standards